Q & A


Q: What pens do we use to write on the Birthday Banners?

A: Any Permanent marker will do the job. We suggest to go with a thinner or smaller Nib,

people tend to write bigger when writing on the banner.

Q: How do I hang my Birthday Banner?

A: Birthday banners can be attached in a number of ways depending on where they are going.

We put eyelets in the 2 top corners so they can be hung against a wall with ropes, cable ties or suction cup hooks.

Blu-tak also does the job (do not use sparingly!) as do velcro dots and double side tape.

*For signature Banners we recommend attaching to a wall or flat surface as you need a hard surface to write against.

Q: How do we store our Birthday Banner?

A: Always roll the Birthday banners never fold as this will over time crease the banner.

What do I clean the Birthday banner with?

A: Do not use any chemicals on the banner as this will remove your signatures and can sometimes erase the photos.

Always just use a damp cloth and wipe applying minimum force.

We can not guarantee the durability of the signatures and well wishes that your guests leave this will depend on the pen used.

The inks that we used are eco-solvent and guaranteed for several years in exterior conditions.

Q: Some of the photos on my birthday banner are dark and a bit blurry how come?

A: This is because the quality of the image or photo that you sent us was not good enough ( resolution too low ) or

the photo was simply to small when emailed to us or you took it off facebook which will result in low res as well

We do our very best to produce  the best possible Birthday banner for you but we can only create from what you send us

Q: Do you make other Banners?

A: We can make banners for Shop lightboxes, Sales, Pylon signs , Fetes, Stalls and Back drops.

We custom make Banners to any size just ask us.


Postage terms

Delivery is via Australia Post and is usually within 5-7 days (for standard delivery). No responsibility is taken for delays caused by Australia Post. Delivery of banners is in a postal tube. All products are checked to ensure your order leaves us in perfect condition, therefore we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by Australia Post. Let us know if the banner is required urgently as we can have your banner printed and posted promptly if need be.








All Birthday banners are made to the customers requirements. We accept no responsibility for any material or images that have been printed as these are supplied by the customer.

Once a Birthday Banner has been printed and posted we are not responsible for it or any remarks it may cause.

Upon purchasing a BirthdayBanner you are agreeing to allowing us to use as advertising in any form that we wish.